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Dan is the young-gun of the L.A. Whisk(e)y Society. He started drinking early, but didn’t discover whisk(e)y until the mid 2000s, when his drink of choice in “beautiful” (read cornfields) Champaign-Urbana was a Maker’s on the rocks (gotta start somewhere...). When he wasn’t busy studying the law or watching football games in Ann Arbor, Dan made his way through all of the Kentucky distilleries. About this time, it was still possible to get BTAC and Pappy releases regularly, so life seemed good. A few years later and a move to Hollywood brought Dan into connection with AS. By this time, Dan was already an avid Scotch drinker too, so they naturally got along. Dan’s first meeting was an ethereal experience: Glenfarclas 1974, Talisker 20yr (1981, USA) and Highland Park 1980 (Park Avenue) among others. Nowadays, Dan is a practicing attorney and an avid basketball player. He is very active in the LA whisk(e)y community and besides LAWS meetings loves to attend tastings by the Los Angeles Scotch Club and Southern California Whiskey Club. 

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