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The L.A. Whiskey Society was established in 2006 by ten Los Angeles friends who found they all shared an intense interest in whiskey. Since then, the Society has expanded its membership and become known to whiskey enthusiasts worldwide, though it remains a private club. 


Our concern is in keeping whiskey fun, fair, and honest. To that end, we guard our independence and integrity. No advertising is accepted for this site.


Our members include some of the top whiskey experts and most popular whiskey bloggers in the US, as well as people who work in different aspects of the whiskey business itself. We each have a specialized focus and skill set, and we work as a team to stay on top of all things whiskey -- from historic discoveries, to the spirit's manufacture, to the state of the current marketplace, to what we think tastes the best... and worst!

Meetings are held in our private bar. Membership is highly selective and extremely limited. Those wishing to apply should have a very strong background in whiskey appreciation and history.




Most of our visitors use the site as a reference guide for whiskey ratings and reviews. New entries are added on a nearly daily basis. We do publish the occasional full-length article, and when we do, we recommend reading it -- it's either something important that whiskey enthusiasts need to know about, or something we find interesting and entertaining.




Inspection of pre-prohibition whiskey bottle.

The Los Angeles Whiskey Society is proud to be at the forefront of US whiskey expertise. We specialize the identification and authentication of rare whiskey. We have been consulted by the spirits specialists at all of the major US auction houses, as well as by countless private individuals and estates. We've inspected and appraised collections from San Francisco to Singapore, worth hundreds to millions. We've even helped train the specialists at some of the major auctioneers in how to estimate bottle values in their auctions, identify fakes, date labels, and so forth.


For more information, see Rare Whiskey Authentication.


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