Our Recommended Hangover Cure and Prevention

A magical potion to cure hangovers.
Okay firstly, there is no “hangover cure” — we just have to put that wording here since it's what most people search for. So, while nothing is guaranteed to stop a hangover, we've found that this makes a hangover less severe, and sometimes will even mostly prevent one. 
We promote responsible drinking in this group. But, we also promote having the occasional having-of-an-extremely-good-time-involving-lots-of-whiskey, and that’s gonna cost you the next day. So be prepared!
Take two (2) 1000 mg Prickly Pear (Nopal) Cactus Pills.
Take three (3) Hangover Heaven pills. We’ve tried a lot of remedies/pills/potions and we think that this brand has the most beneficial effect, without relying on untested ingredients.
Get as much sleep as you can. This is as important as anything. If you gotta get up at the crack of dawn, you simply haven't given your body enough time to recover.
Yes, but we don't think drinking tons of water is as important as popular wisdom says it is. Stay well hydrated, but focus on the things above.
That’s it. Please drink responsibly, and read the labels and warnings on these products.
This guy wakes up feeling great and refreshed! No hangover!

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