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I have been an official member of LAWS since June 2008.  Long before that, I discovered whiskey with friends who eventually led me to scotch.  Then a former film school professor ask me to film a documentary about scotch -- in Scotland. As a result of two months on location, visits to about 40 distilleries, and many immaculate  tastings right out of the cask in the warehouses, I learned enough to moonlight at a wine and spirits bar as "Scotch Mike." Love the country, love the people, and I think visiting distilleries is the best way to see it all. And when you can't be there, drinking will have to suffice.  Nosing some whisky just brings the still rooms, warehouses and countryside back to mind.  Although I started this journey as a cross-cultural documentarian, I am now on it as a personal hobby and passion.  LAWS is a pretty amazing place to be able to stay connected to a great chapter in my life -- and write some new ones, even if they are illegible notes. They are happy scribbles.

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