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Blair Castle Whiskey Critique


Blair Castle Whisky: Misrepresented Science & More

Carbon dating once again gets twisted to push a big auction.


A bottle of counterfeit Pappy Van Winkle next to an irritated writer. 


All About Fake Pappy Fan Winkle
Like, a lot. 

How science was misused and misunderstood to promote an astronomoical sale of a supposedly ancient bottle of whiskey.

Debunking Skinner Auctions' Supposed "Oldest Whiskey"

How clever PR and twisted science generated massive media coverage of a ridiculous story about a whiskey supposedly from George Washington's era.


Lineup of many Very Old Fitzgerald, VXO Very Xtra Old Fitzgerald, Very Very Old Fitzgerald, all Stitzel Weller distillery.


Very Old Fizgerald Information

We get a lot of people looking for info and value on this historic brand.


Adventures in Whiskey 


Episode 1

The Case of the Strange Fitzgerald


Episode 2

The Peculiar Pikesville from Prohibition  




Blind Black Bowmore

What happens when you put what's arguably the most legendary single malt into an otherwise unassuming, unhyped blind tasting? Blasphemy.


Prohibition-Era Medicinal Whiskey Pints, 1912-1933

Imagine walking into a museum and finding an exhibit on Prohibition-era whiskey... then taking the bottles from it and drinking them. 


Very Very Old Fitzgerald Supervertical

The bottle lineup in this one was so absurdly rare that most bourbon enthusiasts prefer to pretend it never happened. 'Cause they weren't there. We don't blame 'em.  


Lagavulin Supervertical 

If you're a Lagavulin fan, this is probably your dream.


PLOWED Vertical

Only the 2nd time in history this had ever been done, and it's unlikely to be repeated again. Some of the most legendary single malts in a tasting we were very honored and lucky to pull together. 


For a full list of what we've been tasting and doing -- at least what we post about -- go to the bottom of the home page and click the articles, they'll lead you to pages that go back years. 


They're not experts unless they have expertise


Bonhams Whisky Auction Completely Misdates Their Showpiece Bottle

We tell them and they don't want to hear it. Article goes viral and rage ensues.


Bonhams Bungles it Again

But dumb buyers don't seem to care. 


Bonhams Responds to "Conspiracy Accusations"

The excuses are insulting and the evidence against the auctioneer disturbing. 

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