About Our Tasting Notes and Ratings

Our letter-grading system isn't quite what you may be used to from school. Anything B- or above is at least “good whiskey worth trying.” We judge things on a basic level of personal enjoyment, as opposed to... well... what's really more important than that?

You'll notice that our tasting notes aren't like many of the "pros." Some of the guys are experienced whiskey experts (relative to your average joe, at least) and others are newcomers. Some notes are formal tastings while others are off-the-cuff impressions. It's kind of a mish-mash, but a useful mish-mash.

Note that when we say a bottle is a "definitely want to own," that consideration is (usually) independent of price.  Meaning, based on the taster's enjoyment of that whisky, would they like to have it at home to drink? The fact that everyone would like to own a $10,000 whisky bottle -- regardless of quality -- doesn't count. 

To see which members have which experience, check a member's profile page (if available) or just browse through the tasting notes... you will learn whose palates and experience match the level you're looking for.  



The Main Whiskey List is fully dynamic.  You can filter it via the picklists at the top.  You can also sort the list by column headers -- for instance, starting with the highest-rated whiskies, or the lowest-priced. Clicking a column header a second time will sort the list in reverse direction.

When set to "one popup," that single popup will automatically refresh with a newly chosen whiskey. That popup will also stay wherever you move it.  Multiple popups are useful to allow you to compare various whiskies.

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