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Andy Smith

Andy has been a member of the L.A. Whisk(e)y Society since January 2008.  He has now had over 1000 single malts scotches that he remembered well enough to record with at least a rating, but doesn't take (usable) notes when he is either enjoying them way too much or running a scotch tasting, hence the limited reviews. He is a co-founder of the LA Scotch Club,

He aspires to outFOAF the Duke of Sandwich but will probably never do so until his son turns 21 and becomes an advantage instead of a hinderance.

He will read your screenplay and take scotch notes on the back, then ask for his notes back after he returns your screenplay.

He has a soft spot for: Springbank, Rosebank, Laphroaig, and Glendronach.  Daily dram: Laphroaig 10

Favorite scotches that were on the shelves within the last year:  Ardbeg Provenance, Lagavulin 21, 1972 SMOS Glen Grant 34, 1981 LE Talisker 20.

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