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Adam Herz

I'm a screenwriter/producer, husband, and father... but on some nights, if you follow me through a hidden cave deep into my undeground lair, you'll discover that I have a secret alter ego who loves all things whiskey. (Okay, it's just a basement, and it's not that secret).
In 2004, my love of tequila led me to exploring the bigger and more flavorful world of whiskey (sorry, tequila). Around the same time, some of my friends were also getting into single malts. Eventually, I suggested we form some kind of "Gentlemen's Drinking Club." One group email later, LAWS was born. 
My tastings are often blind, in a controlled setting -- usually those are represented by my more detailed notes. But sometimes I'll taste a whiskey at a crowded event, along with friends and loud music and all that. Anyone who tells you that whiskey must be tasted in such-and-such a scenario probably doesn't have that much fun drinking their whiskey.  Relax, it's just a beverage!

I "calibrate" my palate at most tastings with a whisky I'm very familiar with, just to make sure that things are tasting normal to me on that day.  Typically I use Glenfiddich 12.

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