Whiskey Collection Valuations and Appraisals

The hidden money in an old whiskey bottle.

The L.A. Whiskey Society conducts valuations and appraisals of elite whiskey collections for estate planning, tax, insurance and other purposes. Big Four accounting firms, storied auction houses, top collectors, heirs and beneficiaries have all relied on our expertise and ability to provide a neutral assessment.

We have valued single whiskey collections with thousands of bottles and valuations well into the millions. No collection is too large and no bottle too rare for us to handle. We know of no other entities in the U.S. providing this service with more knowledge of and experience with collectible whiskey.


The bottles must be sealed, and the collection should be substantial in size and quality. It should not be comprised of recent bottles common to newer collectors. The bulk of the collection should be bourbon, rye, or single malt scotch.

You must own or represent the collection.

Our services are offered at our discretion and on a pro bono basis (see more on Fees and Expenses below). We accept only those engagements of significance to us and the whiskey community and we ask in advance that you not be offended if we decline your request.


We work with our clients to define deliverables that meet their needs. Our valuation report typically details methodology, comps, counterfeit assessments, unique bottle histories, marketability, liquidation scenarios, and other material information. We can also educate you on how to sell a whiskey collection, and connect you with qualified buyers in a legal sale.

The LA Whiskey Society is an exclusive, private club that has traditionally operated without profit. Therefore, we don’t charge for our services, even for collections of great magnitude. We are a group of highly experienced and enthusiastic whiskey experts — that means our main interest is in seeing that good whiskey gets treated right. We will ask you to cover our expenses (e.g. travel, lodging), and each collection requires situation-specific terms, but that’s it.

Again, we have evaluated top U.S. collections, containing thousands of bottles, valuing into the millions. References are available when appropriate.

There is a serious vacuum of qualified U.S. appraisers with expertise in rare and valuable vintage spirits. We are passionate about whiskey and about maintaining the integrity of whiskey collecting. By applying our knowledge and expertise we assure that elite collections are given their due. We treat a great collection like our own.

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