Bowmore: Delectable Delights and Decay

Posted on Saturday, Nov 13, 2010 at 09:27 PM

A bottle of Bowmore 30-year-old Seadragon and LA Whiskey Society glassware. 
This November, Chris and I (Adam) needed an excuse to open two great Bowmores that had been collecting dust on our shelves -- a 1970 Signatory 35yo and 1968 Celtic Heartlands. We'd drank and loved both in the past, but never featured them in a LAWS meeting.

So, we threw them in an all-Bowmore lineup, adding the semi-historic Seadragon, an extinct 21yo from the mid 1990s, the always-controversial discontinued 17-year, a random 1984 Cadenhead's bottling, plus a nip of some old Claret and a recent 16yo from The Perfect Dram.

The 1968, Seadragon, and 1970 were the hits of the meeting, with the 1968 being the most-drained at the end of the night. On the other hand, there was the 21. Its God-awful stench seemed to scream, "This bottle is tainted!" Yet our best investigative efforts indicated it wasn't. It just stank like… uh… the most common descriptors were "corpse" and "farts."

Yep. Another good night on the books.
If anyone can help verify that this 21-year-old is indeed as intended by the distillers, shoot us an email. I'll send you a sample… I'm pretty sure none of us will miss it.
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