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David OG

I'm David and I'm a buyer at a noted Wine & Spirits retailer. Because LAWS has tons of street cred and rigorous ethics, you'll not find my reviews here (conflict of interest, you know), but if you meet me you can hear all my opinions. I got into whisk(e)y/spirits originally through my family. My maternal great-grandfather was part owner of a distillery in Bardstown (my great-grandma is from Louisville) and my grandfather, on my father's side, was an amateur winemaker and distiller of eau-de-vie. So it's always been something that had been part of my life. Not counting my college bourbon addiction, wine was where I started. Learning, drinking, and selling wine became my life, but I quickly got into spirits. Before I knew it I was buying spirits for a high-end shop on the westside. Since then, my life has been devoted to evaluating spirits professionally. I have many opinions of what makes a great whisk(e)y, but nothing is more important than knowing your own tastes. If you like it, drink it! I won't judge. That doesn't mean I'm going to pound shots Loch Dhu with you. 


I spend all of my time buying, selling, living, tasting, and drinking whisk(e)y, but nothing makes me more excited about my profession than walking into the LAWS bar. Check out my blog or follow me on twitter.


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