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Dave Wankel (Esq.)

I attended my first meeting in March '09 and I became a member in July '09.  My single malt enthusiasm began in the early 2000s when I discovered that my chronic heartburn was actually an alergic reaction to beer.....and I loved beer.  But, as I was not about to give up drinking, I began to experiment with other spirits and through a fondness for aged rums, I found single malts.


Although I will try anything you would like to put in my glass, I am not a big fan of the grains, blends or other styles of whisk(e)y readily available.  I love a sherry bomb and although it took me a while to come around, I now find the peaty beasts to be some of the flavors I seek more than any other.  I also enjoy a good wine finish....although many of my fellow enthusiasts find them pedestrian.  They do need to be done right.


In late 2008, I was selected to join the Malt Maniacs online magazine and tasting score database.  I am now a Certified Malt Maniac (sorry, I cannot get you any samples...but if you would like your original article published, let me know...always looking for foreign correspondants) and I am also a member of the LA Scotch Club. 


My passion has become an obsession....maybe I need can help me by pouring me something so we can ponder together what you put in my glass. 


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