Glenfarclas Family Casks 1955
Added on Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008 at 11:05 PM
  Bottler: OB
  Age: 51 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1955 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 46.10 % Region: Speyside
  Price: N/A Availability: Collectors Only
Bottled 2007  545 bottles
Cask 2211
Member Ratings and Notes
Nose of distinct honey mustard that's distinct and strong.  Some varnish and a wisp of skunk.  Palate is a sort of bizarre honey-sweetness mixed with dancing assorted spices.  Finishes as before, quite long, with minty notes, and skunk hints again.  An elegant yet not-so-restrained whisky, and a whirlwind of fantastic and strange spice-mint-organic-animal flavors and scents. 
N: Deep and rich sherry with roasted coffee notes, fruity, apricots, orange rind, just awesome nose, everything you could hope for....
P: Figgy sherry on the verge of being overtaken by the devious Mr. Oak.
F: Dry and tart.
Starting to show it's age but still quite tasty. 
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