Kentucky Vintage
Added on Sunday, Sep 14, 2008 at 10:00 AM
  Bottler: Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd.
  Age: 8 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: 1995 Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 45.00 % Region: Kentucky
  Price: $40 Availability: Wide
Distilled 12/20/95, Botttled 09/15/04, Batch 466.  Kentucky Bourbon Distillers does not actually distill any whiskey, they purchase bulk whiskey (typically from Heaven Hill) and bottle it under various labels.   Their bottling operation is located in the former Willett Distillery.
Member Ratings and Notes
N: Big caramel, quite nectary, deep, roasted nuts.
P: Predominant rye influence, well balanced with a nutty sweetness.
F: Very clean, spicy, rye.
I think Mikey likes it! 
Nose is plain, slight caramel.  Palate is somewhat watery yet quite spicy.  This is definitely quite a decent bourbon -- it almost seems like a mix of bourbon styles.  With a very tasty result. 
Sweet on the nose, with some vanilla. This is a very light, sweet Bourbon, with a bit of a soapy flavor, some fruit and a sweet finish. I get nothing in the way of rye in this. It's smooth to the point of slick.  [Tasted Batch 06-92] 
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