Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine
Added on Thursday, Feb 8, 2007 at 12:23 AM
  Bottler: OB
  Age: 14 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1991 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 46.00 % Region: Islay
  Price: $75 Availability: Wide
Member Ratings and Notes
Disappointing.  Not much dimension.  Certainly drinkable but eh. 
Copper and spice, bit o' toffee, medium dry. Initial impression was better, but by the end of the glass I was tired of it. 
Disappointingly average. Decent nose, light sweetness, light color. Just not much going on once it hits the palate. Much like the rest of this experience, an average finish.  
Nose is "turpentiney." Very strong.  I smell a hint of banana. The taste is aggressive and angry. This is not a contemplative whiskey. Halfway through the glass, it started tasting more and more like RUM. This is an acquired taste, but I'm not sure I'm looking to acquire it 
Not enough peat.  Too much like a dessert wine. 
The Yellow Submarine is to scotch what the Yellow Submarine was to music.

(a bad decision) 
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