Midleton Very Rare
Added on Sunday, Aug 3, 2008 at 10:53 PM
  Bottler: OB
  Age: N/A Type: Irish
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Blend
  ABV: 40.00 % Region: Ireland
  Price: $140 Availability: Better Stores
Member Ratings and Notes

Caramel and sweet bourbony aspects in the nose, though light.  The palate is very smooth and very mild.  The flavor really kicks in during the long-ish finish, and is one of mostly malty tones.  Yum!  I can drink this stuff forever.  (2004 bottling)


RETASTE, July 2011: Having drank an excessive amount of this the past weekend (2009 and 2010 bottlings), I still find the flavors as described above, but the grain alcohol aspects in here are far too noticeable to rank as a B+.  More a B/B-.


N: Wow, deep and sultry, fig newtons, sweet fruit extracts, and strong wheat.
P: Mmmm.   Spicy and sweet, one dimensional but great!
F: No need to mess this up with complexity in the finish, just more of the same which in this case is just fine.

2008 Bottling: 
Citrus, very smooth, oily , and sweet.   Lime on the nose.  Salty.  Fruity.  Caramel with a spicy tang in the finish.  Mmmm, started a little slow but by the bottom of the glass I wanted another.   B+/A-


Note:  I was in Vegas recently (April 2010) and in terrible shape from the night before, this went down easy when other whiskies weren't.   So the next time you're hung over....

This bottle has some nice old whisky in it but is still too grainy and has some flowery notes that put me off.  This reminds me of Johnnie Walker Blue but ... not as good.  And the price simply says no way.  So many other choices with way more flavor and goodness for 1/4 the price. 

Nose: Steel cut oats with a dash of maple syrup.


Palate: Grainy, boozy, slight note of wild flowers.


Finish: Very light with some malt and floral notes.


This tastes a lot like Redbreast to me what with the grain, booze and wild flowers. That's never a flavor profile I've been as fond of as others and seems to lack any really interesting elements, though it's perfectly drinkable. [2010 Bottling]

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