Union Horse Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Added on Saturday, Nov 26, 2016 at 03:56 AM
  Bottler: Union Horse Distilling Co.
  Age: N/A Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 46.00 % Region: Kansas
  Price: N/A Availability: Better Stores
Mash of 80% corn and 20% rye, both of which are sourced from local farms in the American Midwest. Once the grains have been transported to the distillery, they are milled and mashed before being fermented with a proprietary strain of yeast that was formulated specifically for Union Horse Bourbon. By using sour mash to catalyze the fermentation process (sour mash refers to the art of using a small amount of spent mash from an older batch of whiskey in order to catalyze fermentation in a new batch of whiskey). Once the mash has been fermented for five to six days, it is distilled through a custom-made Vendome copper-pot still.
Member Ratings and Notes
Standard bourbon with dill pickles on buttered wheat bread. Lime zest, beer nuts, and caramel oak in the middle. Finish is white pepper, orange peel, and dusty vanilla-mint. Seems young, some time will temper this down to improve this.  [small batch 2, bottle 2018] 
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