Port Dundas 1978 Sovereign
Added on Wednesday, Mar 4, 2015 at 08:35 AM
  Bottler: Hunter Laing
  Age: 36 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1978 Subtype: Grain
  ABV: 60.10 % Region: Lowland
  Price: $150 Availability: Specialty Stores
Bottled 2014 for K&L   Ref # HL 10423
Member Ratings and Notes
The nose on this is very subtle with light grain notes. The palate is sweet and spicy with vanilla first and then a smoky bacon note. The finish is soft with grainy notes and a touch of alcohol. This one is decent and a bit odd with the smokiness in the mid-palate. 

n:  Vanilla and fruitcake.


p:  Wow.  Flavor explosions  Dark fruits and molassas.  Raw ginger.  Coconut, of course.  I really dig it.






Tasted Blind


N: Light sherry fruit, warm syrup, white wine, wet rusty metal, wet hay and intense dry oak.

P: Fruit bowl, hints of peat, wine, motor oil, heather. Mid palate gets bitter and dark. Roasted walnuts carry through to tarry finish.

Weird and funky. Not cohesive and all over the place. B-/C+

Orange amber. It is a grain, so not shocking to see some vanilla (heavy dose). A little charcoal and smokiness really come out if you wait a long time. Im glad I did because I was trending negative on this dram at first, but with some air and time it really shows through nicely. The palate has a ton going on: toffee on back-end, some chocolate (dark, not creamy), and some more charcoal notes. Finish is bold and lasting. B+/A- [2/23/15] 

n: warm orange potpourri oil, dried coconut, and wood paneling. Christmas fruitcake in the spring. Dark vanilla, tin (metallic), and oak make for a nice nose.


t: surprisingly complex and deep. Dark chocolate on dried orange slices. Semi-sweet with candied walnuts and a dusting of all-spice. Smoked figs and burnt butter for the finish.  [Nice grain! solid B+]

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