Martin Mills 24 yo
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  Bottler: Heaven Hill
  Age: 24 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: 1974 Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 53.50 % Region: Kentucky
  Price: N/A Availability: Collectors Only

Made by Heaven Hill for the Japanese export market.  

Distilled December 1974        Bottled February 1999

Member Ratings and Notes
The nose is deep and rich with espresso notes. The palate is both rich and savory with red wine notes, and the finish is sweet and candy like. This one is terrific, changing in flavor from nose to finish with the emergence of sweeter notes toward the end. It's really well done and quite wonderful. 

I've had two very different experiences with this bourbon. The first is from my very first tasting, which was blind. The second was after having drank it a few times on a number of occasions -- I incorrectly thought that I had no notes on it, so I jotted down my impresions.


Candy-sweet bourbony nose, very inviting. Palate is a sweet caramel-honey-vanilla-nut onslaught. Full of goodness with a finish that's nearly just right after it opens up, though it could be longer.


It just lacks the little extra bit of magic that would push it to a straight A, by my magical standards at least. Tasting this blind, my guess was a 22yo Heaven Hill, for whatever that's worth. A-


RETASTE: Hot, thin, and too tannic. Neither inviting me in nor beckoning me back, but decent enough. B- 

Brown-red amber. Spectacular nose filled with vanilla, cinnamon and sugar. Essentially a perfect blend of everything anyone anywhere likes in bourbon. Nose was pure A to me. The palate pushed the oak boundary for me, but gets a pass. What can I say, this one is a true gem. A-/A [8/22/14] 

n: rich buttery bourbon nose, quite candy sweet (reminds me of the pastel candy in Grandma's crystal dish). Hot waffle with generous butter and a bit of maple syrup.


t: cohesive blend of corn sweetness with toasted oak and a nice tobacco leaf aspect. Middle gets very, very oaky (dry spice) and chewy. Vanilla gelatto and cinnamon in an almost perfect finish.  Very easy to drink; smoother than the strong ABV would suggest.   [A-/Almost A]




Nose: Dense and rich with notes of cherry heavy dark fruit, caramel, candy-like sweetness, leather, wood, a complex rack of baking spices and a bit of vanilla.


Palate: Dark fruit, leather, wood, dark honey, cinnamon, complex dark sweets,spice and a touch of candied citrus before the end.


Finish: Butterscotch heavy dark sweets, dark fruit, wood and spice.


I loved this bourbon. It's balanced, rich and worthy of any other complimentary adjectives you can throw at it.

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