Talisker Storm
Added on Sunday, Feb 2, 2014 at 03:42 PM
  Bottler: OB
  Age: N/A Type: Scotch
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 45.80 % Region: Island
  Price: $80 Availability: Better Stores
Member Ratings and Notes

n: sugarcane in brine.


p:  White pepper, cinnamon, and sawdust.  Nice.  This bottle opens well.  Give it time.



Lots of smoke with sea salt and pepper spice.  The peat is more pronounced compared to the core range of OB taliskers.  Some fruit as well. 

n: plastic toy on the beach, a litle fruit (prunes) in pickle brine and light paper smouldering smoke.


t: dark fruits (mostly prunes) with salt and a more pronounced peat smoke than usually found in Talisker. Follows the nose, but I find the fruit doesn't come together with the brine and smoke and this is like a bunch of notes but there isn't a tune. 


A velvet smokiness comes first followed by an amazingly inviting combination of tropical citrus, honey, caramel, vanilla, butterscotch pudding, saltwater taffy and a touch of brine.


What can I say other than wow. Smoky caramel, orange zest, vanilla cake, Werther’s Original, smoked ham, malt, smoked paprika and a host of other fantastic savory notes. There is a buttery quality to it that is as pleasant as can be.


The peat seems to kick up a bit in the aftertaste but gives way to a nice smoky grain and wood for a medium finish.

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