Very Very Old Fitzgerald 12 yo (Mid 1980s)
Added on Friday, Nov 1, 2013 at 04:05 PM
  Bottler: Stitzel-Weller
  Age: 12 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 50.00 % Region: Kentucky
  Price: N/A Availability: Collectors Only
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Member Ratings and Notes

The nose has brown sugar and sweet red wine.  The palate is sweet and light without much complexity and the finish leaves you with just sweetness.  


This isn't bad, but it's uninspired, particularly compared to the older versions of this expression.


Punchier and brighter, but at the same time thinner and waterier than the VVOF's that were sold 20 years before it. This is a much peanuttier profile, narrow, and the finish is nothing in comparison. This basically is not the same bourbon as its forefathers. But it's still very tasty and altogether very drinkable, and I'd probably want to own a bottle. B/B+

Deep red amber (maybe ever so slightly less so than the 64/68 bottlings) color. For some reason the nose on this one was unappealing. I seemed to get more alcohol vapor than on any other release. I did though get some caramel, butterscotch and bitter oak. The palate isn't heavy and absorbing like the other 12 years; it is thin, straightforward and lacking in something that really draws me in. Still, not bad and would definitely drink again. [10/18/13] 
N: oily, chalky, baby powder
P: Bitter sweet tea.  The sweetness tastes of artificial sweetener

N: Less sweet than the other VVOFs. Someone said Asian sauce and that sounds about right.


P: Sour by comparison to the other VVOFs


F: Average finish, a little hotter than the others. More like contemporary bourbon.


Difficult to give a rating comparing to  other VVOFs. B/B+

This nose has the caramel, brown sugar and sweetness that I found in the VVOF's from the 1960's, though on a much less intense and satisfying level.  Unfair comparison? Yes, but it was tasted in the same flight, so there!  The aromas just didn't last long once you pulled away from the glass.

I found the palate very thin, and though I enjoyed the bits of butterscotch on the tongue, I was left wanting more.  Maybe a bit unfair to taste it after the legends, but it truly puts it in perspective.

I would buy this if given the opportunity, but at nowhere near the current market prices.  If you can FOAF it in a store, grab it all, but I won't buy it from you.  That is, unless you PIF and give it to me for cost plus shipping.  ;)  B (84). 

N: Totally differnt nose, very flat compared to the early decades, much less wheat spice.  A little chocolate and nutmeg.

P: More on the asian spices, a bit of soy sauce.  Not as full and sticky as the older versions.  Grape chewing gum.

F: Dark fruits.


n: buttery caramel and popcorn ball. Lots of warm brown sugar. Really nice.


t: Peanuts, light cinnamon, and Cracker Jacks. Middle is butterscotch with a bit of a hot edge to the cinnamon (runs hot). Not a dense mouthfeel but the finish is great. Buttery wheat bread, oak, and a consistant richness. Mineral in end.  [B/B-]


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