Glengoyne 1972 Malts of Scotland
Added on Thursday, Aug 16, 2012 at 08:49 PM
  Bottler: Malts of Scotland
  Age: 37 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1972 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 46.30 % Region: Highland
  Price: N/A Availability: Collectors Only

Distilled 29/12/1972     Bottled 09/2010     Cask no. 4807     Bourbon Barrel     160 Bottles

Around $220 on release. 

Member Ratings and Notes

N: Nice! Light, fruity, sweet, lightly earthy and a bunch of stone fruit. White nectarine obvious (a note I got on a lot of the MoS stuff).


P: Light and fruity, white pepper, white nectarine. Agreeably sweet, nice maltiness.


F: Lightly woody and a slightly sappy touch.


Great nose. nice and fruity with some sweetness, but it's not overbearing or syrupy. A light touch of spice keeps this really interesting. 


Nose:  White grabe juice, strawberry shave ice, lots of fruit and a dash of pepper.


Palate:  Light and fruity, growing in sweetness late in palate.


Finish:  Fruit with slight pepper.


This is a huge fruit bomb and a very well done one, but that's not my preferred flavor profile.  


N: What a nose! Its lush, sweet and soft. Its just filled with candied fruity goodness that tells you this was pulled out the cask at the best time. Hay, wood, white peppers and loads of tropical fruits. I found myself just nosing this.


P: Velvety smooth texture. The fruits continue. White peaches and grapes galore along with a myriad of other fresh cut fruits. Grassy and woody notes hang out in the background and dries this out a bit.


F: Lingers with citrus tart.


This fruity profile is something I tend to get in older whiskies from the mid 70's and earlier. Maybe the distillate was made differently or maybe the wood has changed over the decades. Its hard this find this kind of profile with newer stock. Its sweet and fruity; soft and mellow. But everything plays well and it doesn't try too hard to impress.

N: Crazy sweet tarts (fruit) and powdered sugar.
P: Tastes like grape Kool-Aid, light and punchy.
Lemon and banana tarts.   Effervescent at the end. 

n:  Fresh fruit and riesling wine


p: Magnificently fruity.  Light and vibrant. 


N: Floral and fruity...some type of jasmine, orange blossoms, nectarine, sweet toys, baby's perfume (whatever that means). Really excellent nose. 

P: The fruit comes through really nicely. Great mouth feel, buttery. The abv feels lower than 46, but not too low. Gosh it's great.

F: Medium length. Leaves the mouth feeling fresh.  


This stuff is just delicious. The nose is over the top yums.  

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