Clynelish 21 Chieftain's K&L
Added on Saturday, Jun 9, 2012 at 11:18 PM
  Bottler: Chieftain's
  Age: 21 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1990 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 58.10 % Region: Highland
  Price: $130 Availability: Specialty Stores

Distilled October 1990     Bottled December 2011     Cask no 11416     535 bottles. 

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Member Ratings and Notes
Nose is fruity, nice, a little waxy, slight cleaning product, oak. Mildly sweet on the palate, dries slowly through the finish. Nice spice and oak. Water amps up sweetness as expected, and the spice becomes more bay-leafy… but water also increases the oaky bitterness in finish.

This would be fantastic except that for me, it's over-oaked. Not terribly so, but in the way that lingers enough that the first few sips aren't as good as the rest of the glass. Decent whisky though.  B-/B
N: Niiiice. Old wood, leather, deep sherry notes with a nutty quality. Dried fruits, orange, a litle apple skin, touch of cinnamon. Slightly perfumed. Water brings down the sherry a bit and leaves a slightly damp pears and apples impression with a bit of white pepper.
P: Apple skin up front, a little hint of pear, lots of dried fruits, a good amoutn of old wood (but it's not overbearing); a little cinnamon on top. A touch of clove. White ppepper. Fairly thick mouthfeel. Water simplifies this one a bit around basic sherry notes. A little apple presence and some wood with a light dusting of white pepper an a hint of sichuan pepper.

F: Cinnamon, apple skin, leather, some slight drying wood, a little hint of raisin, maybe even a touch of marmite for a second. Comes back to apple skin in a big way. Dries and focuses on wood. With water, the finish is a little more woody. 
This is big and has a lot going on. I really enjoy the multitude of flavors on this one. It's still got a lot of pep and kick for its age but it's showing good signs of maturity. It's nice with a little bit of water.  

Nose:  Malty, soapy, a bit musty. 


Palate:  Very malty in Clynelish style, but with some both sweet and acidic notes.  There's a touch of fruit and a goodly amount of wood, but not overwhelmingly so.


Finish:  Malt and tea.


Very solid Clynelish.B/B+


Sweetened caramel.  Salty cherries.  White pepper.  Funk on the finish.  B/B+ 


n: brown sugar and strawberry jam, caramel, oatmeal, and very dry tobacco leaf. Peychauds bitters on a brown sugar cube.


t: very woody and dense. Syrupy, oak is predominate and very deep. Burnt cherries, caramel, and waxy varnish. This could be considered by some to be "overaged" but that is kinda my thing that I like, so I give it a bit of a bonus because it's unique and interesting.



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