Big Bottom Port Finished Bourbon
Added on Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 09:27 AM
  Bottler: Big Bottom
  Age: 2 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 45.50 % Region: Indiana
  Price: $35 Availability: Better Stores
Distilled at LDI; bottled in Oregon.
Member Ratings and Notes
N: Youngish on the nose - rye prickle and a slightly green pine aroma. Corn here and there, but it's just very woody. Low grade, plain jane alcohol kick too. Light port sweetness; faint grape and cherry aromas. 

P: Moderate mouthfeel, not a lot of flavor to it. Alcohol burn, slight sweetness. After a minute the green woody notes and a slightly sweet port note come through. Overall bitter with a slight sour back. 

F: Not much. Heat, a little sweetness, a touch of sour new-make note, and some wood. Very disorganized and all over the place.
American craft distillers have a long way to go. 
Ewww, what is that nose? I know what it is. Pickles, briny and vinegary dill pickles. I get that in other whiskies sometimes, but never as acute as it is here. 
Hmmm… not much here in the palate, but drinkable and fine enough In the finidh that dill returns mildly. Hint of cinnamon-caramel. After time it becomes too drying with alcoholy bitterness.

Pretty drinkable initially, mainly 'cause there's not much here, but becomes more troublesome after a while. 
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