Glen Elgin 1975 Perfect Dram
Added on Thursday, Mar 1, 2012 at 09:33 PM
  Bottler: The Perfect Dram
  Age: 36 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1975 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 48.20 % Region: Speyside
  Price: $220 Availability: Overseas Specialty
Bottled 2011       Ex-Bourbon Hogshead       134 Bottles
Member Ratings and Notes
Apples, pears in the nose with light citrus. Polished wood.

Okay, this palate is just really tasty. Quite oaky in the best of ways. Licorice/anise with a tinge of sweetness to let you know it's there. That Glen Elgin signature tangerine is there too, subdued in a soft oak box.

It's interesting to note that my brother joined us for the Glen Elgin meeting, and while he's not a big fan of single malts (at all, really), he kept going back to this all night.
Extremely drinkable and delicious.

N:  Cherries and malt.

P:  Very malty and rich, hot for the abv, oak and some slight smoke at the very end.

F:  Sweet and malty. 


Lots of fruits in th nose (peaches, red apples, and necarines) alond with some smoke and spice.  Gets more oaky on the palate with bourbony vanilla sweetness and a bit floral.  Sweet citrus finish that hangs around a bit. 


Light and sweet, delicate and fruity.  Solid B+


n:  Peaches and cinnamon


p:  Barfed peaches (faint on the barf).  Lemons.  Quick bitter finish.

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