Springbank 1967 Murray McDavid for PLOWED
Added on Tuesday, Dec 20, 2011 at 10:27 PM
  Bottler: Murray McDavid
  Age: 32 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1967 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 45.80 % Region: Campbeltown
  Price: N/A Availability: Collectors Only
Springbank 32yo 1967/1999, Murray McDavid for PLOWED
Member Ratings and Notes

This was the only PLOWED bottle I haven't had. The nose is initially very delicate with sweet undertones. Some melted popcorn butter, honey and toffee. Lighter lacquer, floral, citrus and spearmint notes emerge as it breathes. A classic bourbon cask springer that is resinous, sweet and minty. Much of that rolls over onto the palate. Light and clean. Salted caramel becomes apparent with crisp wood. There is a mouth coating lingering warm peat smoke finish. This was the first of the PLOWED bottles we drank and to tell you the truth I was expecting it to be a big "aha" moment. I knew it was highly regarded by the veterans of PLOWED. It was great (graded an A-) but I felt a bit underwhelmed. I came back to this after drinking tasting the rest of the PLOWED bottles. That was when the light bulb lit up. This is awesome stuff! Great distillery character with a lot of depth and balance. The oak influence is just beautiful and it really shines. I ended up sipping this for the evening and it was the 3rd bottle emptied of the night.


Retaste 2019 A+

Tasted after having several other great malts from 60-70's including some 70's single casks Ardbegs (239X series) and this still stood out.  Just great stuff.


Quite possibly the best liquid I've ever imbibed.  It was a highlight of a noteless marathon of whisky champions.  I'd love to try it again in a different setting one day to see if it makes A+.  It might, it really might.




Retaste 4/19/13:


n:  Stunning.  Words lost.


p:  Mint + and soft leather with a hint of cinammon.




The nose on this is a fruit bomb.  Springhbank usually conjures up ideas of musty old sherry casks with subtle peat and caramel.  This had virtually none of those notes....until the finish on the caramel.  The peat was really hard to find.  This was a bourbon cask so no sherry notes. 


The tropical fruits hit home the hardest with some subtlety that I wasn't really expecting.  This was extremely drinkable and tasty.  This was my third favorite malt of the PLOWED vertical (behind Broraggeddon and Port Ellen).  


The nose is a massive fruit bomb with nice malt notes.  The palate starts with vanilla and floral notes giving way to a slight peat with a lot of salt.  The fruit reemerges on the finish with salt and coastal notes.  It has a nice oily mouthfeel.


They don't make them like this anymore, sharp and coastal but not overly peated with some fruit mixed in.  Absolutely delicious.




N: Rich, with a slight earthy/claylike notes; a touch of sultana and some white pepper. 


P: Nice pepper touch upfront, oaky with tobacco, tons of fruit. The light clay from the nose continues; a touch of orange, and some far-off smokiness.


F: Leads with a little orange & tobacco, white pepper, and a faint endive touch. Some cinnamon, a bubblegummy sweetness, and a touch of green apple.


Really balanced. Tons of dimension. Beautiful.  


Like walking on a cloud: light, airy, and bouncy sensation on the nose. Fruity - apricots, apples. Slight chocolate milk. Rich and complex. Pretty out-of-this-world. 


Mmmm, warm and comforting. Still fruity but comes a little nutty for a moment. Tad too hot and lacking the oomph of the nose and finish, which pulls it out of the running for a straight A. 


This just gets better through the finish. One of those literal lip smackers - jonesin for more before it's over. Like crack. 


Uh huh. Yep. Love it.  

A faint yellow dram that is complex as anything I have ever tasted. Every sip opens up new doors into bubblegum, vanilla beans, tropical flavors, rich syrup with the slightest amounts of bitter citrus. On the nose I got everything from bubblegum to grape to cherries and oak. The finish is excellent. A/A+ [4/19/13] 

N: Rich and fruity, with butter and sweet lemon zest.

P: Thick and sweet with lots of citrus.
F: Salted vanilla beans.

That classic saltiness of these old Springbanks just keeps ya coming back for more.

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