Craigellachie 2002 A.D. Rattray
Added on Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011 at 09:30 PM
  Bottler: A.D. Rattray
  Age: 8 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 2002 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 59.60 % Region: Speyside
  Price: $66 Availability: Specialty Stores

Distilled 20.08.2002       Bottle 17.05.2011       Cask no. 900072 

Member Ratings and Notes
Nose of buttered waffles, maple syrup. Chocolate truffles and raspberry jelly. Nice! Sometimes I get whiffs of something gaseous (read: farty) but not enough to discourage me. Also some kind of fresh-cut atypical wood (maybe walnut) and a faint suggestion of smoke.
Palate is tangy, wow. Really sweet on entry, honeyed, hazelnuts. Maple syrup again. Mouthfeel like a liquer. Somewhat reminiscent of Frangelico.
Finish is medium-length with the tanginess turning to typical spice, with a tinge of a sweet cigar.
This may be too sweet for some, but I like what it's doing -- although it does it rather clumsily. Gimmicky finish suspected, but who cares [tasted blind]. I believe it was McDonald's who advertised the McGriddle as "Weird, but Good Weird."

n: Coffee liqueur.  Aunt Jemima waffle syrup. Strong!


p:  Bathwater in a musty closet.  Just the kind of sherry I hate.  Nothing redeeming for me.


f: Bitter greens.  Sticks in a bad way.  Jailhouse shower.


N:  Very sweet molasses, honey, burnt brown sugar, jam/ marmalade, fresh cut wood, butter (and I mean the liquid butter that you pump onto popcorn at the movies) and herbal notes

P: sweet desert, pie crust, oily/ buttery, wax, prunes and legumes

F: resinous waxy finish that is refreshing

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