Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt (Shackleton Replica)
Added on Monday, Sep 12, 2011 at 10:15 PM
  Bottler: Whyte & Mackay
  Age: N/A Type: Scotch
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Blend
  ABV: 47.30 % Region: Highland
  Price: $150 Availability: Specialty Stores
2011 replica of Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky recovered from the 1907 Shackleton British Antarctic Expedition to reach the South Pole.
Member Ratings and Notes

n: wood finish.  Walnut shells.  Very faint citrus


p: mouthfeel is medium to thick motor oil.  Taste is old leather,  weak charcoal or ash, whole wheat bread.  Hint of bubblegum.  I like this in that there's a whole lot of subtle stuff going on.  The abv is just right and and the flavor, although not overwhelming is kind of pleasant and homey.  I can sort of imagine sitting in a hoity toity turn of the century British men's club drinking this with monocles in my pocket and talking down the upper middle class with my rich buddies.  Peasants.


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