Bowmore 1970 Signatory
Added on Tuesday, Apr 29, 2008 at 09:49 PM
  Bottler: Signatory
  Age: 35 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1970 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 51.90 % Region: Islay
  Price: $500 Availability: Specialty Stores
Distilled 24/09/1970       Bottled 21/02/2006       282 Bottles       Cask 4692
Member Ratings and Notes
Rich, sherried old-style Bowmore character and lots of it.  Sherry dominates, with smoke aspects as a quick second.  And there's a minty-like, shiso-leaf aspect as well.  This is beaten by the 1971 distillery bottling, and while some days it tastes like a pure A, it's often kind of on the cusp so I have to give it a high A-.  Wish it were cheaper! 
I'll be honest in saying that reviewing this 3 months after tasting it and having 40 malts on the same night causes the details to escape me. However, on a night full of all-stars, this powered itself to the top eschelon.

I remember this much... it was fantastic. 
Ripe fruit, molasses, perfect sherry, audio / video equipment, Paris Hilton, Denny's, 4 am...excellent.

Retaste:  This didn't hold up against some of the older fruity Bowmore's, which I just love so much.   I got less fruit and more traditional sherry this time, molasses still present.   Downgraded to an A-.  I guess its logical, I've tried a hell of a lot of great stuff in the 2+ years since I tried this first, and the bar for a straight A is a tad higher these days.    
There is a nice smoky/sherry nose with some nice fruit notes.  The palate is full of sweet, syrupy, smoky goodness and finishes into smoke.

I may not have thought it was quite as revalatory as the other reviewers but definitely a very good old Bowmore. 
Rich, caramel and salt, and tons of sherry. The peat/smoke is secondary, but the intensity of the flavors for a 35 y/o scotch is remarkable. Very good. 
Remarkably one of my more highly rated Signatory bottles.  Tis was all sherry until the peat came through.  The oak really didn't take over considering how old this is.  The power was great and very sharp in contrasting complexity.  Hard to fnd fault in words here but it doesn't hold up top some of the deeper bottles that I would give an A to. 
Toasted malt with iodine, wheat, lots of sherry and a yeastiness to it.  Floral sweetness that's present but not overwhelming.   A nice syrupy long finish. 
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