The Blend of Nikka 17
Added on Monday, Dec 27, 2010 at 09:29 PM
  Bottler: Nikka
  Age: 17 yrs Type: Japanese
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Blend
  ABV: 45.00 % Region: Japan
  Price: N/A Availability: Overseas Specialty
Per the label:  "A happy blending of over-17-year-old Coffey-grain whisky and Malt whisky aged 17 years used as a base long enough in casks."
Member Ratings and Notes
The nose kicks off with a Bourbon-like grainyness, then malt aromas kick in and they blend together.  It's a really nice nose that makes you see the value in blends with a mix of corn-syrupy and malt notes.  I get something different each time I sniff, from corn to oat to some maltiness and maybe even a bit of sherry and peat. 

Unlike the nose, the palate is pretty solidly malty and a bit on the light side like a traditional blend.  There is some richness in the back there, including some nice peat notes, but it seems a bit diluted.  It's a pleasant and easy drinker.

This is a tough one as the nose gets an A- but the palate a B.  You'd think that would average to a B+, but since I put more value in actually drinking a whisky than sitting around nosing it, I'm going with B, though it's definitely on the B+ border; how's that for definitive?.

Update:  After enjoying this quite a bit on a retaste, I'm bumping it to a B+. 

N: Initially has a slightly solvent nose. Some light grains present - kind of an oaty scent. Maple syrup. 


P: Moderately full mouthfeel, some vanilla and caramel notes; also a slight earthiness to it - not quite peat and not a mushroomy earthiness. More of a woody, dry note, kind of like straw.


F: The straw and earthiness carries through, more dry wood, slightly bitter. Fairly short finish.


This one is OK. The dry wood sits with that straw or melon rind kind of note and really fouls the palate for me. 

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