Bowmore 1968 Celtic Heartlands
Added on Sunday, Nov 14, 2010 at 01:43 PM
  Bottler: Murray McDavid
  Age: 35 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1968 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 40.60 % Region: Islay
  Price: N/A Availability: Collectors Only
Bottled 2003       722 Bottles       "Jim McEwan's Celtic Heartlands"
Member Ratings and Notes

This has a wondrous nose with huge fruit flavors, ranging from fruit cocktail to tropical, mango like notes.  I just wanted to smell it all night. 

The palate doesn't quite live up to the nose, but it's still very nice, coming on sweet like white grape juice with wisps of smoke, a nice balance.  The finish has more fruit than smoke.

This is a fascinating and balanced malt, and the strength of the fruit makes it truly unique and unlike any Bowmore I've had.  I initially scored it a B+ but kept drinking and enjoying it through the night so it gets some bonus enjoyment points.  If this was higher strength it would probably be in solid A territory.  Good stuff.

Grapefruit.  Grapefruit.  Grapefruit.   Never tried a whisky like this and probably never will again.   At just barely 40% it fades quickly initially, but seems to get bigger over time.  And that low abv makes it dangerously drinkable.  

I've had this on two occasions now and it stood out as the malt of the night both times.   Not sure what Bowmore was doing different back then, but it sure was special.   Perhaps it was just the lack of modern quality control that occasionally yielded a stunner. 

Nose is very fruity. Tangerines, apricots, and citrusy stuff.


Palate follows the nose, and initially it seems to fade quickly with not a lot of there there. But then, as you get to know it, it becomes really grapefruity (thanks Duke) and lovable. Fruity, hugely drinkable (thanks in part to the nearly-not-whisky ABV), with a nice tinge of sweetness balanced very well against controlled oak.


One to drink and enjoy all night... if you can find it.  B+/A-


Nose:  Light Peat, high floral sweetness, not overwhelming, nice and almost unassuming but asking to be drank...

Palate:  ... and who am I to deny a whisky's demands!  It's light with a fragrant floral taste, slightly musty but in a good way like a Jura 16 or a Highland Park 12 - it's pretty delicious.  I would say delicate but at the same time pronounced.

Finish:  Very light, fleeting, slight pepper spice.  Leaves a little to be desired on the finish.


This is a really good whisky... like REALLY good.  I think it would be a real special whisky if it had been bottled at 46% ABV (even 43% would help it out!).  If the finish were stronger this one would be living in A'sville.  A must try and worth a buy, if you can find it. 

Unbelievable fruit on the nose - peach, grapefruit. The fruit isn't nearly as strong on the palate, instead it is light, sweet and malty. Not a lot of Bowmore characteristics, but an excellent whisky with a memorable nose.  
Grapefruit and lavender.  Fruit tree blossoms and loads of salty new brine.  The peat has gone weak and subdued but is still there in the background.  Liked this a ton for its unusual style. 

n: nail polish


p:  Sharp and pungent, thin.  Finish is kind of nasty.  Chemicals.


Yeah, I'm the odd man out.  Don't care.  Not an A !!!



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