Parker's Heritage Collection - 4th Edition - Wheated Bourbon (2010)
Added on Wednesday, Nov 3, 2010 at 06:41 PM
  Bottler: Heaven Hill
  Age: 10 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 63.90 % Region: Kentucky
  Price: N/A Availability: Collectors Only
This is the 2010 edition of the Parker's Heritage series. Original price around $80.
Member Ratings and Notes
There is a lot of alcohol on the nose, beneath it is caramel candy and other sweet Bourbon notes. The flavor profile is very nice, with lots of good wheated Bourbon notes, including some apple brandy type fruit. It's sweet with some acidity and some herbal flavors in the finish. It remains very hot on the palate. This is one that really benefits from a few drops of water. As the alcohol content diminishes, more flavors emerge. There is some oak, but its the sweet caramel that becomes really pronounced, bringing with it some Cognac-style fruit. The finish evinces a certain umami that was previously undetectable.

Who knew Heaven Hill had it in them to do a great wheater after so many years of neglecting the Old Fitzgerald line?
Fantastic nose, like french toast in a glass with maple syrup.  Pretty hot at ~ 64%, but I like that, brings out the big rich spicy wheat profile with lots of sweetness lingering in the finish. This is a stellar wheated bourbon, very excited for such a bottle to come out.  And I'm hopeful Heaven Hill made a lot more of this! 

N: Nice mix of wood. A little older wood, but a light hint of cedar for a moment. Some waxy furniture polish. Gentle corn sweetness and toffee. Some cinnamon, black cherry, and plums. Orange and caramel emerge after a bit. 


P: Great - rich and coating, slightly oily but not out of line. Corn swetness, gently growing cinnamon heat. Red wine, a little chocolate. Toffee and a bit of orange zest. Caramel and a slight corn husk/damp hay earthiness. 


F: Nice heat - hits a lightly vegetal note on the way down but this is a rare case where it's a very complimentary organic note. Nice wood, faint but balanced bitterness, some light corn, a little damp hay, touch of blck cherry.


Great show of age, plenty of strength in balance, and flashes of younger whisky. Damn good - really, really nice. 

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