Amrut Intermediate Sherry Cask Strength
Added on Monday, Oct 11, 2010 at 03:20 PM
  Bottler: Amrut
  Age: N/A Type: World
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Indian
  ABV: 57.10 % Region: India
  Price: $125 Availability: Specialty Stores
A single malt aged in Bourbon Casks and Virgin American Oak - then finished for 9 months in sherry butts before being transferred back to Bourbon casks for 3 months.  Thus INTERMEDIATE Sherry finish.  
Member Ratings and Notes
Nose:  Caramel, light sherry.
Palate:  Raisins and spice, typical sherry notes lasting into the finish. 

An Interesting malt.  Obvious notes of a sherry finish - cherries and chocolate and strawberries - all of a very young sherry aging. Alone, those notes wouldn't make it to the B category - The spiciness and the herbal notes combined with the sherry gave this a unique quality that I liked.  Difficult to say that this is anything other than an oddity but a well done oddity nonetheless.   

N: Elusive at first, but then orange peel emerges.
P: Powerful citrus flavors followed by a floral potpourri (yes, I used to eat flowers, until mommy punished me).
F:  Pow!  The floral notes continue, really enjoyable.

I was a big fan of the Amrut Cask Strength we tried a few years ago (which we got from the UK), glad to see it get distribution in the US.   I don't really get sherry in this like the others as much as I just get Amrut.  Its got its own distinct profile which I think dominates.  


n: Gasoline, grape leaves


p:  Melon, dust bunnies, nail polish.


Not a big fan.


Bright and strong, Sherry influence is subtle. Metallic note, long on cinnamon and graham crackers. Nice vanilla nougat with a oily note. Runs hot, but it is a good kind of hot. Really nice and flavorful - solid good whiskey can't wait to try more from this distillery.  [batch no. 4, March 2011]

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