Maker's 46
Added on Tuesday, Sep 28, 2010 at 04:58 PM
  Bottler: Maker's Mark
  Age: N/A Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 47.00 % Region: Kentucky
  Price: $35 Availability: Wide
Member Ratings and Notes
The nose is strong with maple syrup, so much so that it reminds me of a Canadian; eventually, that dissipates to a more familiar corny Bourbon nose. The palate is rich and savory with plenty of oak. The additional oak notes make it thicker, chewier and more complex than the standard Maker's, but still with noticeable wheat notes lasting into a very pleasant finish.

The new Maker's is a definite step up from the standard version, adding complexity and heft, though I certainly wouldn't say it knocked my socks off. 

Smells less sweet than regular Maker's, not as acrid, more rounded, cornbread background.


Palate is still quite sweet, and quite nice. Like its brother (parent?), it seems a little hot for the ABV (47% in this case). Strikes me as Maker's with less sweetness, more grip, and a dash of mild, drying spice -- basically Maker's with a little more character and dimension. Finish lingers pleasantly, bigger, and longer.


I definitely prefer this over the regular stuff.  B/B- 

N: It's got that wheaty nose, a little rough, wood shipping pallets.
P: Interesting, it's actually got more of a spicy rye profile, but it's of course a wheater.  Definitely a step up. 
F: Wood pulp, maple sugar. 



N: Corn upfront. A little waxy; some gentle hints of anise and nutmeg and a touch of toffee. Dusty with some faint pepper. 


P: Light and watery. A little corn, some light hints of wood, but not much. Light sweetness. Gentle cinnamon.


F: Cinnamon in light measure, a little corn that's slightly sour, a touch waxy.


Pretty dull. Weak, underdeveloped.  

Nose is syrupy with vanilla sweetness and spice.  Good body on this while retaining the sweetness that was on the nose.  

n: waxy corn, fresh wheat bread, minty maple syrup.


t: initial is rounded sweetness - full of corn, but not too sugary. In the middle the wood influence becomes very apparent with char, vanilla, and black peppercorn spice. Doesn't have much density to this and fades to cinnamon wheat toast in the dry finish. While this is a noticable step up from regular Maker's it just finishes thin and woody.  [C+/B-]

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