Colorado Gold
Added on Friday, Aug 20, 2010 at 07:17 PM
  Bottler: OB
  Age: 2 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 40.00 % Region: Colorado
  Price: $64 Availability: Better Stores
Located in Cedaredge, Colorado, this new American micro-distillery uses an "Arnold Holstein Batch Reflux Still" which we understand to be a sort of cross between a pot still and a continuous still. Someone wanna help clarify?
Member Ratings and Notes
Barely a nose -- just a hint of ryebread and fresh dill pickle (is there a deli nearby?)  Now the palate, that's interesting. Mild and rather unique.  Moderately sweet, with ight spices (cardamom and cinnamon), but most obvious is a big herbal aspect, including the dill from the nose. Finish continues the theme at length, leaving me with the flavors of obscure, dark European digestifs.

It is 40%, and given that, it's got some very nice flavor to it.  It really reminds me of those weird, somewhat bitter digestifs I tend to drink at Italian restaurants after talking to the bartender too much.  Given all that, the flavor may have somewhat limited appeal, and I'm not sure it's super-drinkable at legnth. There are some alcoholy unfinished edges of youth, and something vaguely petroleum-y, but they tend to stay tamed.  This is probably the most un-bourbony bourbon I've tasted. I'd be extremely interested to try this at a higher proof; definitely worth trying nonetheless.  (Barrel no. 2)

[Ah okay, their currently inoperative but still-cached website says, "While our recipes are secret, we can tell you that we use corn, wheat, malted barley, and an assortment of botanicals." Hmmm.]
Nose:  Very light Bourbon, paint, lumber (cedar?).
Palate:  soapy, woody but not oaky (sort of like Wasmund's), watery.
Little finish. 
N: Empty desk drawers, glue, spirituous.   Some more exotic wood appears, like cedar (maybe that's not so exotic but unusual).
P: Basically tasteless at first, opens up to a generic woodiness.
F: There's some sugar in the finish, which is nice, but then there's an odd off-note as well.  Woody with nothing to balance it. 

n: wood, menthol, and rubbing alcohol fumes. Hint of vanilla and orange creamsicle ice cream bar.


t: sharp and hot initial, warm caramel popcorn ball with marshmallows, then a strong corn sweetness that really takes over in the middle and a note of spearmint. Oak stays nice and present through the finish with a hint of dill. Not bad, a bit industrial, but nothing to make this memorable for me.


[Batch 15-C] 

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