Usuikyou 1983
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  Bottler: Tokuoka Co. Ltd.
  Age: 25 yrs Type: Japanese
  Vintage: 1983 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 64.00 % Region: Japan
  Price: N/A Availability: Overseas Specialty
This independent bottling is the only single malt bottling available from the Monde Syuzou distillery in Yamanasi, Japan which uses its whisky for blends.
Member Ratings and Notes

Nose:  metal, some sherry, old garbage left out in the sun.

Flavor:  Rubber!  

Finish:  Bitter and metallic and unfortunately, very long, like I could still taste this stuff even after I'd had another whisky.

Off putting and nasty.  Maybe a new penalty malt. 

N: Very strange nose, theres lots of smoke and a little cured meat to go along with it.   Normally such a combination I'd like, but this one also has a chemical component which attacks the nose.  It's a bit sinister.
P: A total smoke bomb, just pure smoke, but its like burnt trash.  Hot and dry.  
F: This is the smokiest thing I've ever tasted.  Bleeeeeacch, can't get it out of my mouth.
No idea what's going on here.   It actually makes me cringe.   Yikes.  Who was the demented person who bottled this? 
Nose of drifting farts in a kitchen where someone made cinnamon toast while using oily power tools to cut chemically treated lumber.
Palate is sickly sweet, hot, cinnamon toast again with pollution smoke.
Finish is nasty with splinters, menthol, and nightmares.
This is awful. Just awful. I feel ill. Tastes like something you'd keep under your kitchen sink mixed with whatever Erin Brockovich was fighting against. 

This smells weird. It has this new fabric smell to it, something you'd smell walking into a rug/ furniture store. It gets slightly sweet with notes of sour plums (umeboshi) as you acclimate to the fabric"y" overtones. It's pretty F****ed up on the palate too. Very ashy, sooty and grimy. The finish tastes kind of dirty. This is what I imagine licking the ash off of burnt wood or eating dirt and chalk would taste like.


Somebody pass the Loch Dhu to wash this crap out!


N: Burning garbage, mildew, wet cardboard, rubber, new plastic, vinyl that hasn't degassed fully, neoprene, massive note of nw leather and it's incredibly chemical. 


P: Ashes, new plastic, weird cloying sweetness, metallic tang and, yes, rubber.


F: New plastic, new leather, new pleather, poorly integrated vanilla note, metallic, ashy, and garbage. Eternally and unmercifully long finish.


NOT GOOD. It became amazingly chemical as it dragged on. Repulsive in the extreme, but it reminded me of some of my plastic toys when I was a kid. In a weird way that association saved it from being an F. Nostalgia aside, it's a really terrible drink. It'd also make an awful potpurri.  

n: Tennis ball.  Antique furniture in a tire shop.

p: Hot.  Water is almost mandatory. Woodstain, saddle leather.  Musty. 

n: sour and weird, salt, garlic, pencil erasers, new shoes smell.


t: wow, even weirder... back to rubber, like Chuck Taylor soles in a liquid form. Sour rag and pleather. An old sponge with soap in it.


Fuji blinded me on this, twice (because he is an a-hole).

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