Celtic Nations
Added on Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010 at 08:23 PM
  Bottler: Murray McDavid
  Age: N/A Type: Other
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Vatted Malt
  ABV: 46.00 % Region: Ireland & Scotland
  Price: $70 Availability: Specialty Stores

85% lightly-peated Bruichladdich 1994 and Port Charlotte; and 15% Irish Single Malt from Cooley Distillery. Not chillfiltered.


This unusual vatting caused quite a stir with the SWA.  Originally planned to be a series of releases, they banned Murray McDavid (and the entire trade) from doing an Irish/Scottish vatting ever again.

Member Ratings and Notes
N: Over-ripe and slightly rotten.  Estery.
P: Fruity (i.e tastes like fruit) and fruity (i.e. weird).
F: Spice, spice, spice (stings the tongue).
This is wacky, definitely worth a try but didn't really sing to me. 
Peaty nose with some crispy bacon grease notes ... mmm....bacon...just not enough of it.  The palate is more earthy and salty with some iodine made me think Ardbeg when tasted blind.  Almost a B 

N: Light sherry, seaweed, still room


P: Peat, butter, caramel, butter scotch


F: Turns to darker sweets, more caramel. Cookie dough.  I don't remember tasting this but my notes make me want more.



Buttery caramel.
Easy going, well rounded and warm. 
I was surprised to see what this was, since I'm usually not a huge Irish whiskey guy.  The nose was caramel with wisps of smoke and sulphur and the palate and finish were both great.  (My note was "oh...I love this" and it wasn't so far into the tasting so as to be meaningless.)  Too bad they can't make any more. 
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