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  Bottler: Jim Beam
  Age: 7 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 62.35 % Region: Kentucky
  Price: $60 Availability: Wide
Batch C99-B-22
Member Ratings and Notes
Full flavored bourbon, I dig it, perhaps cuz it's high proof, and that get me drunk'd. 

Second tasting: Nose of figs, very sultry.  Velvety, big palate, a whole lot o' bourbony stuff going on.  Very long finish.  A nice bourbon.  B+  [No batch number available] 

A rich and deep nose -- notably with maple and halvah (the middle-eastern sesame candy).  Palate is rich and deep as well, with the sort of spiciness that I'd associate with a high rye content.  The finish is on the hot side, but it goes on very, very long.  The rough edges of youth keep the palate from being as fully enjoyable as it could be.  But "Rich and Deep" is the title for this one. B


c. 2016 release,  64.25%: Blind, I'd think this was some kind of Dickel. Good stuff but the finish gets rough. B-


The nose has nice caramel notes and maple syrup with some decent wood on it, as well as tobacco and red wine notes. The palate is distinctively Beam, syrupy sweet but then it has some nice, spicy, tobacco type notes, then it gets a bit soapy and ends on a cloyingly sweet note which fades into a sticky finish.

While this is definitely better than most of the Beam mashbill,
I remember it being better.  It's far too sweet for my taste, though I like the spicy/tobacco note that creeps into the mid-palate. If you like Beam, this is definitely a step up.

Deep copper orange color. The nose is strong as expected, with plenty of caramel, toasted oak and some grassy tones (and some rye to me). The palate hits you hard at first, with a lot of oak. A mix of bad notes -- bitterness -- and good notes -- vanilla and spices. The finish is nice and warming. With air as is often the case I thought the bitter elements took a step back. Very close to a B on this one. B-/B.  7 years 2 months, Batch C02-A-18, 65.05% [11/20/13] 

n: robust carmelized sugar, vanilla bean, dried orange citrus, and charcoal.


t: dark brown sugar, tannic and oaky, with a nice charred heart. Caramel dipped peanuts. Long warm finish of cinnamon and dried orange. This is robust and powerful, made to be sipped slowly or add ice and drink on a hot summer night. A relative "bargain bourbon".


[B/B+, reviewed "Annis Answer" 2016-02 63.35%]

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