Laphroaig 21
Added on Monday, Sep 21, 2009 at 09:59 PM
  Bottler: OB
  Age: 21 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 53.40 % Region: Islay
  Price: $380 Availability: Specialty Stores

This is the same whisky that was originally exclusively bottled and sold for Heathrow Terminal 5 for £299.  A vatting of 9 casks, it was later released in the US at a surprisingly less-expensive price.

1,427 bottles.

Member Ratings and Notes
N: Straight smoke n' peat, bready.
P: Big sexy peat mixed with some sweet fruit (apricots) and drizzled with spice (gingerbread cookies).
F: Cinnabun frosting and spicy peat. 
This another bottle that got a bad seat in the tastings....last after 7 solid sherried or bourbon was just too different....I think.  Nose is cinnamon and bacon and Palate with some bite on the tongue.  Spicey peat but the nose screams more tha the palate provides.  I thought it was weaker than I wanted and I gave it a B blind.  Once I knew what it was I was surprized because I had tried this before and thought it was an A-.  Of course, I was tasting it with other Laphroaigs with Simon Brooking at the time and that may have affected my score as well.  So I average here to a B+. 
Nose of woodsmoke, with a hint of sugary stuff (cotton candy, but I always say that... maybe I need to sample more sugary confections... or maybe a lot of whiskies really taste like they have cotton candy in them), and a hint of wet horse (you haven't ridden a horse in the rain before?).  The palate -- woah.  An interesting rush of a different-kind-of-smoke.  Coal and tar mainly.  Not monstrous.  Fall fruits (apples, pears, etc., hey it's my 3rd parenthetical in this entry).  And now I'm getting dandelions in my nose a bit.  Finish continues the theme.  The more you drink, the sweeter and more sugary this gets... which is the icing on the cake, so to speak, and it keeps bringing me back for more. 
The nose is peaty, medicinal. The palate is ore of the same.  Good. The finish is complex sweetness, bitter peat and a little salt.  OK.  

n:  Rubber bands and recently laid asphalt


p:  Monstrously rich, with white pepper and new plastic.  The finish is incredibly sticky and a little bit tarry. This is a powerful dram.


N: Starts with a punch of spice and smoky peat. A fair bit of citrus and vanilla cream is present. Softer notes of flowers and coconut oil are present at the tail end.

P: Good mouth feel. Cinnamon spice contrasts the sweetness of vanilla. There's a nice woody element that tastes of straw and fresh baked bread. Turns to bitter dragonwell tea in the mid palate.

F: A bit astringent with lingering brine




N: Very pleasantly sweet sherry and slightly floral smell. 

P: Really great balance of peat & sherry. You can really taste the age here.

F: Lingers really really long and deliciously...oh yeah, keep it coming!


Added some H20, which helped this bad boy along. Solid.


n: wood char smoke, ink on cardboard box. Salted plums (ume).  Salted graham crackers and light phenol.

t: peat and pickled cherry brine, nice dry tobacco leaf, and oak shows in mid palate. It has a nice smokey red fruit and iodine complexity that is very savory. Apricots in cinnamon rolls; delicious. The high ABV makes this dense and flavourful but easy and fun to drink.    A-.

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