Glenfarclas 1965 The Bottlers
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  Bottler: The Bottlers
  Age: 34 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1965 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 61.30 % Region: Speyside
  Price: N/A Availability: Collectors Only
Cask no. 3897       Distilled July 1965       Bottled August 1999
Member Ratings and Notes
N: Sick.  Just Sick. (For ye older gents, that's the same as "boss", or "choice", or in the absence of decade appropriate slang, just the richest most delicious smelling substance known to man.) 
P: This is most likely the most sherried whisky I've ever had.  And it pulls it off perfectly.  Instead of being cloying, it moves quickly from an initial dark cherry sweetness to...
F: ...a dry mint chocolate finish percolating with rancio and spices.
How do The Bottlers do it!!?  My theory (and this is total speculation) is that they have a secret stash ancient sherry casks and refill everything into them.  Whatever the secret, great work guys.  You should be damn proud. 
My kind of Sherry bomb!!  I called this as Glenfarclas when tasted blind and it is very classic old Glenfarclas.  Deep woody sherry on the nose with some resin and loads of chocolate.  A few of the old Macallan floral notes that come through in these.  I loved it. 
My notes on this read "Stagg-strength, super-sweet scotch" (and I'm pretty sure I wrote them with a lisp).  The nose was egg nog served in a latex glove and would definitely open up even the most clogged nasal passages.  I'd actually (perish the thought) be interested to try this with an ice cube or two fully melted in it.  I'm tempted to up this to an A- (and may on a re-taste), but for now I'll stick to B+. 
Nose is a super-grapey sherry announcement, along with coffee, cherries, and chocolate. Palate is what the nose advertises, with a tinge of sulfur.  Mainly just lots of sweet sherry, like really sweet -- approaching cloyingly sweet, just shy of that (and I like my whisky sweeter than many do).  Syrupy.  So this is a rather limited whisky in that aspect.  But I do like that aspect, and this whisky will obviously hit the spot when your whisky-sweet-tooth needs satisfying.  B+/A- 

N: Huge, overwhelmingly rich sherry, butter/toffee nose.
T: Extremely rich, hot butter. A bit over the top - too rich, too much sherry, too much wood.
F: Good, mid-length finish.
O: This should be something I enjoy, but it simply wasn't. Too rich and out of balance, both with and without water. This is probably better than my grade and would benefit from trying again.

Old Glenfarclas -- the older the better.  That has always been my experience. This is a classic. Nose is sherry with gasoline, bouillon and spice. The palate is quite hot, spice and pepper. The finish stays spicey.  Rather simple flavor profile, but just awesome at what it does. 
Must retaste 
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