Wine and Liquor Depot
16938 Saticoy St.
Van Nuys CA, 91406
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Old review below. W&LD is unfortunately no longer the place it once was. For current status, see Sku's blog entry at:


- old review - 


THIS IS was THE BEST PLACE TO BUY WHISKEY IN LOS ANGELES.  In the middle of the hottest, deepest part of the valley lies a dull, brick, no-frills building that reads "Open To The Public."


Thank goodness. 


You can count on these guys to have the best prices 90% of the time – and we’re not talking about just saving a buck or two, we mean truly excellent prices (although recently they've gone up a bit, but are still very good).  Friendly and helpful, they also have the largest selection of independent bottlings in the U.S. You won’t find a better selection of tequila, scotch, bourbon, rye, or vodka (we don’t know why you’d buy vodka, but whatever) anywhere in the L.A. area. Worth the trip to BFE, and if you don’t want to make the trip into the heart of the Valley, it’s still worth it to ship it to yourself just a few miles away.


The only place that beats these guys for price is Hi Time's occasional great monthly specials, but their selection is just plain paltry compared to Wine & Liquor Depot.


W&LD used to be Mecca. 


It's now slightly above average.


They've got a good selection of OBs. They've even got rare OB's on the shelf (at a premium). You've been craving a bottle of Loch Dhu (WHY)? Well, they've got four or five.  Even in the handy 200ml size so you can use it in a more ipecac-like fashion as it was intended to be. Oddball springbanks, Bowmore Black, Bruichladdich 40, and so on.


The Indie selection is hit or miss. It used to be almost neverending; now it's the same dwindling selection I've picked over a dozen times or more. They've gotten in a handful of OMCs from time to time and a few other indies, but this is not what it once was.  

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