Vendome (Beverly Hills)
9153 W Olympic Blvd
Beverly Hills CA 90212
(310) 276-9463
Member Reviews
Adam Not as nice as the big clean store in Studio City, but generally the same idea.  Prices are a bit too high, and the staff here has only beginner whiskey knowledge.


Vendome, Vendome, Vendome. What a difficult one to figure out. The prices keep sliding higher, but they continue to consistently get in some uncommon stuff. Their standard offerings generally hit the shelves at a too-high price and stagnate. Then when the rest of the world has sold out and secondary market prices creep up, you can find yourself looking at the shelf saying, "Do I really want a PC6 that bad? It's here..." 


Their bourbon selection occasionally has some picks that are trending towards dustiness but nothing truly old. A small handful of Signatory NCF indies, the occasional Chieftain's. But they stock Charbay so they're not totally clueless... just overpriced.

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