LAWS 10th Anniversary Photos

For the past 10 years, we've been pretty secret about exactly how and where we meet. When we accept a new member, more than one has been a bit disappointed to discover the truth -- as one put it, "I thought I'd be sent to some unmarked door in an alley in Beverly Hills."


The truth is, we have met primarily in two private bars in two homes. These are custom-built, dedicated bars, one of which we contracted with esteemed bar-building firm Wallace & Hinz to create.


Many people ask how to start a club like ours -- they presume that leasing a commercial space is a first step. That's the last thing you ever want to do! Spending six figures on things like rent and hefty insurance policies seems counterproductive when you realize how much whiskey that money can buy.


So, the secret is out, presuming you're reading this page. We're a group of intensely serious whiskey aficionados with a whole lot of experience, but at the end of the day, we're also just a group of friends hanging out in someone's house. Blasphemy!


For this meeting, we started with cocktails in an outdoor courtyard, then moved on to the formal tasting in the bar, and then went to Baltaire restaurant for dinner. 






















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