What's the difference between the LA Whiskey Society and the LA Scotch Club?

Posted on Sunday, Oct 21, 2012 at 05:14 PM

We get this question a lot. Not only do the clubs have similar names, but so do the people who run them -- Adam and Andy. You'd think we'd have planned this better.
The LA Whiskey Society (LAWS, this club) is private. If you've poked around our website, you know that it's difficult to join. There's a waitlist to get on the waitlist, and a vetting process before membership is granted. We're a bit secretive, and we like it that way. Our events are small and sincere tastings and discussions, always with a theme, usually with whiskies that are rare or unusual, and often with industry guests. (See our FAQ for greater details).
The LA Scotch Club (LASC) is public. Anyone is welcome to attend. All it takes is an interest in whiskey, a modest fee, and a tolerance for a fellow named Marshall. LASC events are often designed to be accessible to novices, but that's not to say that there aren't plenty of "expert level" malts to be had (there are). Many of these events are at bars or restaurants, and they can be quite large, especially the yearly "Peetin' Meetin'." LASC also often hosts industry guests.
Neither club has anything to do with the Seven Grand Whiskey Society, though some members sometimes attend those events. There are no clubs called the "LA Whisky Club."
Both LASC and LAWS meet about once a month. We keep in touch with each other and there's some overlap of membership. Andy was LAWS's first new member when the original 10 of us decided to expand.
One key thing to understand about both clubs is this: we operate on a loss. There's no money being made here. LAWS and LASC are all about good whiskey and good friends. To wit, much of our social lives revolve around whiskey. Outsiders have trouble understanding that has little to do with getting drunk. For us, whiskey is about the adventure of tasting, exploring, and discussing -- not anesthetizing ourselves. (That's what vodka is for, and we don't like that stuff).

Cheers to all. Drink whiskey!
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