Vatted, Uhh, Blended, Er... Malty Malts!

Posted on Sunday, Jan 17, 2010 at 10:05 PM

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This past meeting featured a blind tasting of 8 vatted malts.  Well, now we're all supposed to call them "Blended Malts" according to the SWA. Whatever. Is it whisky?  Good! Let's drink some.

The guys were challenged to match up each whiskey with a description of its component malts. Our new, not-quite-yet-a-member Sku showed us all up and won this difficult competition with an impressive 6 out of 8 correct. He takes home bragging rights and mild hangover.

Favorites of the night were the economical (and of course not-USA-available [as of March 2010 it will be, but at a non-economical price unfortunately]) Big Peat, and the semi-collectable Murray McDavid Islay Trilogy.

The vatted blended malts tasted are listed below, click for the component malts in each one. Buy your own bottles, and play along at home!

(Notes/ratings will appear when members get off their asses).

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