The Whisky Fair

Posted on Saturday, Mar 27, 2010 at 01:20 PM

Six bottles from The Whisky Fair, Limburg, Germany
Since 2002, Limburg, Germany has hosted an event known simply as "The Whisky Fair." It has become "the" whisky event for the serious connoisseur, and is the biggest whisky fair in mainland Europe. Each year, the organizers bottle a few special casks for the fair. These bottlings are typically very well-received, with many of them becoming instant collectors items (particularly after receiving accolades and awards from well-known bloggers and critics).

So, for our latest meeting, we pulled together 6 bottles from The Whisky Fair and, uh, well... memories become a little hazy at that point. Hmm. Something must have been very special about that night. Deliciousness and rapture seem to have been involved. Perhaps it had something to do with these six bottles:

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