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Posted on Sunday, Oct 2, 2011 at 10:13 PM


Bourbon and Rye have a great American heritage. 


September was National Bourbon Heritage Month and LAWS celebrated accordingly with a meeting focusing on American whiskey.  Chris and Sku led us through a tasting of three bourbons and three ryes from a range of distilleries and independent bottlers, all rare and out of production:

Bottled early 1980sBlack Maple Hill 21 Cask 5  
Weller Centennial 10

Very Very Old Fitzgerald 12
Vintage Rye 23
Willett 1984 Rye Barrel 618 (Doug Phillips/Ledger's Liquor)
Old Potrero Hotaling's Single Malt Rye 11

In case anyone's keeping track, that's two American whiskey meetings in a row for LAWS!  We'll soon turn our attention back to Scotland, but there's one more American meeting in the works for this year so stay tuned.

As usual, these were tasted blind, and while all were pretty well received, the most popular seemed to be the Very Very Old Fitzgerald and the Willett's Rye.   

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