Glen Elgin Meeting

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 at 09:37 PM

Glen Elgin distillery and bottling

In 2006, ten friends gathered in a private bar to discuss the formation of "A gentlemen's club/society/group dedicated to the drinking of fine whiskies." From that dignified (cough) evening, LAWS was born -- and we also found our first A-range whisky, a 16-year Glen Elgin by The Bottlers that AS had picked up in London.
Heavily sherried whisky from independent bottlers The BottlersEver since that first meeting, we've wanted to explore Glen Elgin in greater depth. It's just one of those distilleries that you don't come across much, mainly because most of their whisky goes into the White Horse blend. 

We tasted through nine different Glen Elgins, specifically choosing some unusual expressions. The lineup was:

Then, we compared three 19-year-olds, each bottled exactly a decade apart.
Glen Elgin Centenary

Followed by three 16-year-olds:

And finally, we sampled the 2009 official release "The Manager's Choice," from the Diageo series that was met with ridicule upon release for its sky-high pricing and low age statements. Well, this was quite well enjoyed, but nobody seemed to think it should cost remotely close to $300+.
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