Saddle Peak Lodge
419 Cold Canyon Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302
Member Reviews
Chris Probably the best selection of scotch I've seen at any LA restaurant.   Complete range of Macallan Sherry Oak and Fine Oak all the way up to 30 year.   Also complete range of Highland Park all the way up to 40 year!  Yeah, the 40 year is $250 but at $2000 a bottle retail in the US that's not such a dreadful markup.  Also notable was a bottle of Lagavulin 30 ($85 a glass) and a few independents.   Then a wide range of standard scotch and bourbon.  Sadly this selection may not last.   I spoke with the Bartender and he said the former GM was the scotch enthusiast, and they won't be replenishing the super high end stuff which isn't selling.  Then again, it'll probably sit there for another 5 years anyway.

The restaurant specializes in game, e.g. Elk, Antelope, Ostrich and other unusual meats.  The decor is pure hunting lodge from the wood beam construction to the huge animal heads mounted on the walls.  I had a trio of the above meats and it was excellent.   When I was there they were also unloading some of their wine cellar at cost plus 10% to make room for more.  Not being a wine aficionado, I didn't recognize much, but Opus One at $130 a bottle seemed like a pretty great deal at a restaurant.  Wouldn't it be nice if they offered the same deal on those high end whiskeys!! 
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