Dan Tana's
9071 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Member Reviews
Adam Whisky-wise, I mean, what are you expecting?  It's a home-style, old-school Italian restaurant with red-checkered tablecloths.  Scotch is Mac 12/18, Fiddich 12, and Livet 12.  Plus the Johnnies, some Dewars, some Bushmills, the typical.

Now, a word on the food -- if you're wondering why this place has the reputation it does, it's because there's no other place like it in L.A.  In the rest of America, sure -- there's one in every city pretty much -- but in the City of Angels, especially around Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, this is the only place serving up hearty, traditional, chicken-parm, red-sauce-and-scampi eats in a no-frills atmosphere (except, of course, for the celebrities).  Yes, the food is great.  It's not terribly expensive either, and the staff is very friendly.  Call well in advance for reservations, and bring your appetite.
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